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Ultimate Male Lockdown System

Ultimate Male Lockdown System


Put your male partner into the ultimate confinement, with this male lockdown system Designed from high-grade stainless steel, this lockdown system is ready to give your male partner a taste of true confinement. The top piece will put pressure at the base of the cock (using two adjustable screws) while the middle piece will separate and confine the balls. Two wing nuts allow you to trap them between the rods, for an inescapable prison. The anal plug is fixed onto the end of the supporting bar, and is removable. Due to the complexity of this piece, we recommend it for more experienced users who plan to have a partner‘s assistance. For added security, a strap placed mid-shaft will help keep the penis confined. Due to the nature and design of this device, we recommend that you have a friend assist you in applying it. And why not? They can get just as turned on seeing you in it as you would be wearing it. Ultimate Male Lockdown System Specs and Benefits: Size: Anal plug: 3.5 inches insertable length, 1.4 inches in diameter; Ball crusher: 2.75 inches in length, opens up to 2.25 inches; Cock crusher: 1.75 inches in width, opens up to 1.5 inches in height Material: Stainless steel Color: Silver Keep your male partner‘s cock, balls, and ass in true confinement Uses adjustable screws to make sure it‘s exactly the way you want it The anal plug is removable, when necessary (Артикул: IXI25079).

Наличие: есть в наличии
Цена: 3630 грн

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